Asking for volunteers is extremely important and we could use the help.  We could  use volunteer efforts in the following areas.

Internet Shopkeeper

Profits from the sale of water boxes by DayZero Products Co. to U.S. and Canadian customers go to support the SAGE Water Box Volunteers project. DayZero has an Internet shop at A volunteer is needed to take charge of DayZero’s Internet shop on behalf of SAGE Water Box Volunteers.


Our project to deploy human-powered UV water treatment devices in Africa, as a replacement for greenhouse-gas-emitting charcoal fires for boiling water, is at present entirely supported by donations of time and money. We need someone to take charge of raising money for the project.

Electrical Circuit Designer

The circuitry used in the water box can be improved and reduced in cost. We need someone to take on that challenge.

Industrial Engineer

We purchase a very sturdy ready-made high density polyethylene container and adapt it for use as a water tank, and a similarly rugged polycarbonate enclosure for the electrical circuitry. We need a volunteer to design a less expensive but suitably durable dual-compartment tank specifically for the water box.


The human-powered UV water box has the potential to make a measurable reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions and a substantial improvement in public health. We need a researcher to assess and quantify these potential benefits and put them into context with other such efforts.

Let us Know if YOu Can Help