Phase 1: Development

After three pilot runs and a lot of testing and then more testing, our first official production units were completed in June of 2020!   (If you’re interested in some of the changes we’ve made over time, take a look at our change log).



At that time we made them available for sale in the United States to gather feedback and obtain funds for our goal of introducing them as a replacement for boiling water in places without consistently safe water supplies.  If you want a water box for your own personal preparedness they are available at  All proceeds from the sale go toward supporting DayZero International.


We are currently finishing 50 units for our Phase 2 test of the water box in Kampala, Uganda.  Read more about the goals of the next phase of the DayZero project here.


Development isn’t over. We will continue to refine the product, but we’re confident that the UV-H2O-Box is fit for purpose.

Phase 1 of our project is complete and we have 50 water boxes that have been thoroughly tested and are ready for use.

The water box is also very useful in the United States for Emergency Preparedness.