The Water Box

The water box uses UV light to disinfect drinking water. UV disinfection is a proven technology for addressing microbiological contamination, the most common cause of unsafe water.


The water box is both a treatment and storage device. As the UN has emphasized, both effective household water treatment and safe storage are critical for improving public health. The water box uses a simple batch process. The container is filled with up to 4 liters of water, then the UVC germicidal bulb is powered for 1 minute. If electricity is available, it’s just the flip of a switch. It automatically shuts off after one minute. If electrical power is unavailable it can be powered by the hand crank. No chemicals are used. It is durable, reliable, and much faster than slow-drip filters or chlorine tablets. It saves the user money compared to buying charcoal after just a few months.
There have been household water treatment alternatives to boiling water for many years. However, the prevalence of boiling, even after other methods have been widely promoted and subsidized, is a clear signal that a better answer is needed in the market.